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We invite you to come and experience pentecost.

For over 45 years Church Of Pentecost has  existed to be a beacon of light and truth to our church family, our community, and surrounding areas.


Our Vision is to reach every soul with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We believe that He lived, died and rose again and through His death, burial and resurrection we are made overcomers to the challenges we face in this life.


Our Mission is to reach, disciple, and evangelize. Through leadership, worship, and biblical preaching and teaching we strive to impact the lives of everyone in our church, community and surrounding areas.

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John and Charlotte Howard picked up the mantel from the Maxwells in 2011 and continued the ministry and burden for the city of San Angelo. 
"At Church of Pentecost, everyone is welcome."

Senior Pastor John and Charlotte Howard

Our Beginnings

Church of Pentecost is as much a part of San Angelo as the river, the fort, or the college this city is proud to call it's own.


Bishop Wayne Maxwell and wife Nell rolled into town in November of 1969 with "High hopes, no contacts, a $100 bill and a toddler in the back seat," as Nell so eloquently puts it. Since that time, their family- and the church-have grown up with the town; and have seen it go through many changes. We are a ministry well integrated into the fabric of our city.


We love our jobs, our neighborhoods and our school districts. Because of this fact, we have grown close to one another in Christian love and mutual support. If you are looking for a branch of God's family that shares the love and bond of real family among themselves: welcome home!

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